A New Heart

Nearly three years ago, we found these little twins lying in a tukel with their mother swaying from a rope above them. Soldiers were invading her village, and she knew all too well what that meant. She just couldn’t bear it all again.

By the time the twins were in our hands, they were both so malnourished and dehydrated that we doubted they could survive a medivac. Those flights costs thousands of dollars and, being a small organization, we try to weigh all risks as carefully as possible.

In the end, we felt these babies had fought so hard to live through their mother’s suicide, then days alone in the dark with no food or water, and worst of all, no one to hold them in their tears, that we had to take the risk. We called for the medivac.  The rest is their story—a love story. You would never guess when playing with Opio and Ochen that they ever experienced such trauma. Thanks to the constant love and care the Kirima family lavishes on them, their hearts are like new and are so beautiful!

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Love, your sister along the journey,

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