Birth Announcement for Valentine’s Day

I’m asking my husband if we can have another child for Valentine’s Day!

Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day will share February 14th this year, while Easter and April Fool’s Day will share April 1st, 2018.

When I learned this odd twist in the calendar, it got me to thinking about how foolish it is to believe in Love that is so radical it can restore a life rendered to ashes and even raise the dead. Yet, I do believe that very thing—that Love can and does restore lives and raise the dead.

Belief is an odd thing, though, it means nothing until action is mixed with the belief. It’s as though belief and action are two active chemicals, and our lives are the alchemy through which they mysteriously mix to make Love.

Elizabeth can tell you all about ash-changing love:  “I am Elizabeth Akon Malek. I have been with Make Way Partners for most of my life, and the best part of all is that they not only house, feed and educate me, but they also gave me a new family. My family lives in the U.S. but they make sure I’m able to eat, go to school, and sleep safely here in South Sudan. Make Way Partners took this picture of me when I was about six years old. Today, I think I am seventeen. I say, ‘think’ because since my parents are dead and there are no birth documents in South Sudan, I can only guess. My family’s love teaches me that this is not important, though. What’s important is Love, and my family shows me love with letters, support, and so many prayers. It is because of their support that I will even have the opportunity to go to university when I finish high school here with Make Way Partners. That’s a lot of love!”

Which brings me full circle to my Valentine request. I know what it feels like to feel my life has gone to ashes, and I know how Love continually restores me. So this Valentine’s Day, I’m asking my husband if we can be the alchemist of a foolish belief made REAL through action. I want us to SHOW our love to each other by GIVING it to another child. A child who feels alone and forgotten, and for whom we will pray, by name, together, each day, write letters of love and encouragement, and take great pleasure in knowing what a difference our love is making in her heart.

Let’s re-envision Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and April Fool’s Day—all in one crazy act of selfless Love.

Click here to choose a child for your Valentine’s Birth Announcement. It’s even better than gene selection because you get to see the child first!

Or, click here  to make an “in honor of” donation of $25 or more to Make Way Partners in your Valentine’s honor.

Either way, we’ll send your Valentine a uniquely designed card from you, and a picture of their new child if you sponsor in their honor.

To ensure your card arrives by February 14, please make your gift by February 7!

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Love, your sister along the journey,

If you would like to sponsor a child through Make Partners, please click here to find out how to: become a child sponsor!

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