Along the Journey

Kimberly Smith Highland's Blog (Author & President of Make Way Partners)

What will you find in my blog? Adventurous stories and reflections on wild acts of discovering, loving, and freeing the captive bound inside ourselves—and in turn—living our lives in abandoned service for our King as we reach out to the oppressed, trafficked, enslaved, and persecuted!

September 20

Dear Papa

“Dear Papa, this is your beloved daughter Faiza. I miss you so very much, yet my baby has come, and I am so very, very happy here in Uganda. You have a beautiful granddaughter.” Sitting with Faiza is like sitting beside a waterfall. Your eyes are drawn to the bubbles and boils, your ears perk at […]

September 12

Cholera Falls Upon Us

Every good storyteller knows that all epic stories have three acts—Act I: Everything is great and you love the characters. Act II: Some crisis presents itself throwing everyone and everything off kilter. Act III: Resolution. Think “Lord of the Rings.” Act I: Frodo and all the hobbits lived in a veritable utopia. Act II: Bilbo […]

September 7

Hovering Hope

“In the beginning…the earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters” (Genesis 1:1-2, ESV). “I don’t know how to do this. I can’t do this. I don’t want to do this. It’s just too much.” […]

September 6

MWP Fall Newsletter is Here!

While you’re enjoying—or anticipating—the beautiful colors of autumn, please take time to fall into the latest Make Way Partners newsletter. So many great things are happening all at once it’s hard to keep up with them, so we’ve worked hard to highlight as many as possible all in one spot, including staff promotions, a beautiful […]

September 1

MWP New Website

I am not a person who worries much about numeric growth or size of ministry. What matters to me is discerning the direction God desires for both my personal life and the ministry I am called to lead—then, follow that to the best of my ability. Often, I feel the miracles Make Way Partners is […]

August 31

Fun with a Purpose

A growing number of people around the globe are learning that compassion connects us all, and when we’re connected we find the deepest joy in life and one another. Sure, sometimes living with compassion calls us to do some tough things, but when we come united for a common good we often find our creative […]

August 28

Growing MWP

Recently, I dreamt that my gentle horse Rusty the True swung his neck swiftly around, opened his mouth like that of a great killer whale, struck out at my assistant, Audrey, and nearly swallowed her whole. I realize this is not physically possible; nonetheless, upon first waking I felt a string of emotion ranging from fear […]

July 27

Looking UP at Hope for South Sudan!

After many months of heavy artillery and armed combat terrorizing our orphans from all sides, we are elated to receive the following report from a major news source in South Sudan: Radio Miraya “Signs of normalcy have started showing up at the Hope for South Sudan Orphanage center in Torit which remained under tension for weeks, after […]

July 25


Make Way Partners is more than an organization name; it is a clarion call to each of us.  First inspired from the story of Joseph in Genesis, as Pharaoh adopts him, calling for everyone to, “Make Way” for his new son. We see this same theme repeated many times throughout the biblical narrative, including John […]