Brutal Silence

Margaret Dardess is an ordinary woman of routine American lifestyle. At least until she attended a conference at the University of North Carolina where she learned something she could never un-know—even in her sleep. She met another “ordinary” American young woman who had suffered something she also could never undo. She had fallen prey to human trafficking. Once escaping her captors, this courageous young woman dedicated her life to waking up a sleeping comfortable society to the unspeakable evil, often in our very own neighborhoods. Margaret was one of many who “woke up” that day, and she set about learning everything she could to combat this terrible scourge on our society. When she read Passport Through Darkness, she found her niche and wasted no time taking action.

Margaret wrote Brutal Silence, a gripping book about human trafficking at home. I highly recommend it to everyone serious about ending modern-day slavery at home, abroad, and even into the darkest war zones of our planet.  Margaret is donating all proceeds from the sales of Brutal Silence to Make Way Partners.

Margaret shares that, “Writing the thriller, Brutal Silence, is my attempt at dramatizing human trafficking in a way that I hope will encourage others to learn and become involved. Proceeds from the sale of the book will support the fine work of Make Way Partners. I hope too that those who read the book will pass it along to a friend to raise awareness.”

Get your copy of Brutal Silence today knowing your purchase helps combat human trafficking even as you read a gripping tale of truth. If purchasing through Amazon, don’t forget to support MWP through AmazonSmile.

Love your sister along the journey,

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  • YOHA says:

    hi , i saw good TV today , I heard yr story , i want 2 hhelp , hoping u could built a hospital , i love u . if u need anything , welcome 2 contact

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