Chemical Warfare at Our Father’s Cleft

Our time here in Nuba Mountains has been full of celebration, laughter, grand story-telling of from what we’ve come, and tears for the pains we continue to face.

For now, I only have seconds of email access at the governor’s gracious consent, so please know that I will be sending great news of our school’s excellent growth and our staff and orphan’s gratitude.

In the meantime, however, I want to send a brief and urgent prayer request. Sitting in our tiny, ill-equipped clinic this morning, I learned that out of the 60,000 patients we have treated the last four years, our most common sickness as of today—cases coming in each and every day—are from chemical warfare…dropped upon them from the sky by the Sudanese government.

When children first started coming in complaining of their skin feeling on fire, or old men’s eyes dripping with blood, or the flesh of women falling off like the diseased skin from a snake, our medical staff feared a new and unknown disease had taken the mountains by storm.

Instead, it is as our orphans sing, “Pray for us; we have no fathers; we have no mothers. And even the rain that falls upon us does not quench our thirst but instead burns us like flies on fire.”

In spite of all of the tragedy, our open assembly broke out with such glee this morning, the children were allowed to skip first period so that they could continue to sing and dance for us—film coming soon!

Your prayers and financial support continue to fund Make Way Partners to deliver the healing salve we put upon not only the skin of these forgotten people, but also fills their heart with hope. Our children are indeed learning a new way and are growing in grace and love in the midst of a great evil. They are on the leading edge of the Coming Way.

Love, your sister along the flaming journey,

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