Double Your Money–Double Your Power to Save Lives!

Two weeks ago I wrote about unprecedented flooding in my Hovering Hope blog post, documenting mass loss of homes and lives in Sudan and South Sudan. Just a few days later, I wrote in Cholera Falls Upon Us, just as we feared, of the subsequent cholera outbreak that always follows devastating flooding when there is no governmental infrastructure to evacuate people and livestock, no sanitation to keep the latrines from spilling into the wells, and people are literally walking, sleeping, and eating—if they can find anything to eat—down in the muck of contaminated water.

Many of you have responded, shoring up your prayers and offering up financial support to help us raise the thousands of dollars Make Way Partners will have to spend just to repair the collateral damage all three of our orphanages have incurred—not to mention treating the cholera and community relief. Today, I am excited to announce that a significant family—as long-term encouragers and supporters of the mission of Make Way Partners—has come forward to offer a matching grant for YOUR donations. This generous family has left the funds undesignated so that we have the ability to mobilize and asses as needed throughout Sudan and South Sudan—and your general fund contributions will be 100% matched!

Your prayers and your giving are always appreciated and make a significant impact; however, now you have the opportunity to double your money and double your power to save lives! This opportunity disappears in one month. So, if like many of us, you generally save your larger contributions for closer to the end of the year, this is a great opportunity to get a head start and double your impact with your donations now—until October 26th.

When your own government is the one warring against you, people feel forsaken and hopeless. As one person tried to describe what life is like when there is no one coming to help, no evacuation or rescue teams, no medical care, and no markets to buy food even if you did have money: “We are living in water,” Akuei told VOA’s South Sudan in Focus. “I am so worried about my children. Anything could hurt them in this flood area. The wind and rain have demolished this house…They are very dangerous sometimes, animals, like crocodiles, there in the water.”

A child walks through mud in a flooded section of an IDP camp in Malakal on July 9, 2014. South Sudan is prone to floods and the latest floods have resulted in the displacement of over 100,000 people. PHOTO | ALI NGETHI | AFP

James Lual Atak, indigenous director of our orphanage New Life Ministry, described his situation like this: “Mama Kimberly, so many orphans are lining up outside our gates begging for shelter from the rising waters. There is no place for them to go and I do not want to turn them away, but I need HELP! The high winds and hard rains have torn the roof from one of our boys dormitories so we’ve doubled them up two-by-two into one dorm. The waters have collapsed our grinding mill storehouse and rises above our wells. Next, will be the cholera outbreak as waterborne diseases flood all our wells.”

Before the end of the same day in which James shared the above with me, I had similar conversations with both Ayoub, the indigenous director of Our Father’s Cleft and Peter, the indigenous director of Hope for South Sudan.

Thanks to this beautiful family—who’ve built a legacy through Make Way Partners over the last decade plus. When you make a general fund donation—through October 26th—you have double the opportunity to give hope. I’ll be making my donation today. Let’s ban together and seize the opportunity to incarnate Hope.

Love, your sister along the journey of Hope,

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