Filling Dangerous Holes with Love

St John of the Cross wrote, “Love is the measure by which we will be judged; where there is no love, PUT love.

Recently, as I lay in ICU riddled with pain and a difficult medical choice to make, the thought ran through my mind, “This is not a good day.”

I willed myself to seek help, prayer, and counsel from a small handful of close-knit friends who—together—we have traversed many dark nights of the soul. I trust them deeply because they face their own dark nights as well. I soon learned one’s mother lay in a coma, unexpected awaiting death within the coming night. Another, had just lost a close family member through suicide and was boarding a flight to grieve with family. Yet, another’s father had suffered a major accident on that same day—and in a snap, his life is forever changed, even if he lives. Lastly, one had fallen into a vat of despair that sucked her in like a bulldozer going down in six feet of molten tar. And on and on.

Within minutes, I was reminded of the fragile, temporal nature of our collective lives. Yet, while we cannot cling to them, nor control their direction, WE ARE NOT ALONE. And, there is always someone facing something even more daunting than what seems our hardest hour, harder than our worst moment, who just might need our love.

Images of Baby Esther came to my mind. Babies bearing holes in their hearts, contorted spines, and flat-line brains born in places where there is NO ICU, no wise counsel to call for direction, and no doctor on call, or anywhere for that matter within thousands of miles in-country. Baby Esther was conceived while her mother writhed shackled to the floor of a government-sanctioned South Sudanese rape camp in the middle of a vile war possessed with genocide and greed. She was born with a literal hole in her heart that shouts of the one her blessed soul carries; the same hole which we are called to “PUT love” into.

We medevaced Baby Esther and her mother to Uganda for emergency medical care where we soon discovered the hole in little Esther’s fragile heart. Her mother fled, abandoning the baby she had tried to self-abort, due to her rape-camp trauma. Our Faith, Hope, and Love Holistic Medical Care ministry stepped into action, dedicated to seeing Esther become whole—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The open-heart surgery we arranged for her in Uganda was a huge success. Once strong enough, we transported Baby Esther to our long-term after-care safe house in Kenya where quality mid-level care is carefully administered, under Jane and Eugenio’s ever-watchful eye. Just this weekend, Esther spiked a high-grade fever and had to be rushed to the hospital. Now, she is “home” again under Jane and Eugenio’s loving care, but continues to need your love and support. It may be a long, long time—if ever—before she can join our other orphans of her natural region at Hope for South Sudan.

This vulgar war next brought us beautiful twin boys, Opio and Ochen. Their teenaged mother had been raped by the warring soldiers when they stormed through her village before. This time, when she heard the heavy artillery approaching, she knew more than bullets would come calling upon her. She carefully laid her newborn twin babies in the tukel on a weather-worn mat upon a dirt floor, climbed upon a hand-carved stool, and hung herself. By the time Romano found her dangling corpse and the abandoned boys, they were so malnourished and dehydrated, we didn’t even know if we could fly them out of the country fast enough to save their lives.

Honestly, the government of South Sudan gave us hell, not wanting even a medical rescue team to land—mostly out of fear we would document and tell the travesties we witnessed. In spite of it all, thanks to your mighty prayers and support, we got them out! After months of loving care, this picture tells you more than my wordy stories could ever report of the vast difference that our Faith, Hope, and Love Holistic Care Medical Mission is making. GOD IS USING YOUR LOVE, PRAYER, AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO WORK MIRACLES. I could write hundreds of stories so similar to these just from the last nine months.

Instead, what I earnestly ask you to do is to help us fill the gap. NONE OF THESE THREE PRECIOUS CHILDREN—nor many others in their same situation—have sponsors yet. Someone to not only financially support them, but also to pray for them by name—each and every day—as their tiny hearts fill with love, their minds with healing, and their bodies with strength. To grow up knowing SOMEONE REMEMBERS ME, PRAYS FOR ME, AND LOOKS AT MY PHOTO EACH AND EVERY DAY LEAVES A TRANSFORMATIONAL MARK UPON A LONELY ORPHAN WHO HAS NO MEMORY OF “FAMILY”.

Please go to our Sponsorship page and choose YOUR child today—SAVE a LIFE and RESTORE a LIFE.

“Where there is no love, PUT love.”

Love, your sister along the journey,

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