FIRST YEAR BOOK of South Sudan!

As I wrote yesterday, I have just returned from our most celebratory moment in the history of South Sudan history—the first graduation ceremony our region has ever known!

In fact, more people attended our high school graduation than attended the recent national celebration of the world’s newest country in the capital, Juba.

Click here to see the yearbook given to each of our graduates to commemorate their excellent achievement!

And, stay tuned, for Part 2, the video of our actual graduation—following up on Part 1.

While many have counted us fools for spending millions on “prevention”, after 12 years, we are seeing that millions on prevention and quality care are in fact raising up leaders that won’t require billions for maintenance as they learn to lead and sustain within.

Please consider a contribution today to continue building this high school for the students we continue to raise in our orphan-care network, forming the next generation of Peace Makers and leaders of South Sudan!

Love, your sister along the road to redemption,



  • Theresa Leonhardt says:

    You are doing an excellent job. I am so proud of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

  • Nyachang says:

    Amen! This brings tears of joy to my eyes. I pray for Father God’s arms to wrap around each and every single person in your ministry and that his fruitfulness keep raining in it! May his legends of angels surrounds your ministry and the schools protected and love surrounds it all. I don’t have words to express how wonderfully bless I feel when I think of how much lloght bring to a country full of darkness. In Gods will I will join you and your ministry one day!
    Hallelujah to the King most on high and His glory be with you forever and ever! Amen! Glory to Jesus!

  • Roxanne Thompson says:

    I pray for each of these graduates, that God will supernaturally protect them, guide them and lead them in their lives, that God would provide the perfect spouse for each one and positions that will develop the talents God has placed in their hearts and minds. I also pray that they will be used of God to greatly bless South Sudan and even the areas beyond that nation.

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