YOU Can Help to Free the Persecuted Prisoners in Sudan

Thank you for the many prayers and letters of concern for our dear friends and partners Petr Jašek, Rev Hassan, and Mr Abdumawl—who after more than a year in a Sudanese prison recently received their sentences. Petr’s: life. Rev Hassan and Mr. Abdumawla’s: 12 years each.

Each of you who support the work of Make Way Partners knows all too well that these men were only doing exactly what our indigenous leaders and I do every single day—ministering to the oppressed and persecuted. I sometimes dream I am there in prison with Petr, praying together for our jailers. I sometimes dream of the prison walls crumbling, and the three men being set free. A mutual friend recently told me that Petr is reported to have said, “I am at peace; God holds the keys to my cell.”

Even though I admit at times I wrestle with it all, I know Petr is right; Luke 1:37-38 tell us “For nothing is impossible with God…and [the virgin] Mary said, “I am His servant; let it be done to me.” Through that Gospel lens, Petr and his fellow inmates are the best “virgins” I know… I trust you God; do your bidding through me. I am also assured Petr’s employers are doing an excellent job of nurturing his family through this trying time.

Still, as we are called to participate in the suffering of one another, we also have action steps we can take. Please click here to complete the Christian Solidarity Worldwide petition for the case of these three men to be raised as a primary issue at the European Parliament and with Federica Mogherini.  Click here for further action steps you can take today!

Love, your sister along the journey,

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