Happy Thanks-Give-Ing from Make Way Partners

Definition of -ING

1: action or process *running *sleeping

1: instance of an action or process *a meeting

In a world where we all live full-speed ahead—with calendars stuffed full as our turkeys will be soon—we at Make Way Partners are taking the time to put a little more “-ING” in our Thanks-Give-ing!

After all you’ve done through the year to help little Opio and Ochen, Faiza and Baby Jane, Ikibal and Roma, Baby Esther and Emmanuel, along with all the orphans of Make Way Partners, we’re committing ourselves to give-ing back to you this Thanks-Give-ing.

We have printed off a HUGE list of ALL the names of every single one of our donors and partners, and have posted YOUR names all over our Mission Farm—the headquarters of Make Way Partners.  As we move from room to room about the ambling building, your names will be constantly before us.  Each time we see your name we’ll be remember-ing you to our Lord, and offer-ing a prayer of gratitude—especially for YOU!

Your names will remain on our halls and walls from the week of  Thanks-Give-ing through the end of the year.  The impact of your Give-ing and Pray-ing is leaving an everlast-ing mark upon all the staff and children of Make Way Partners.

Love-ing-ly, all your Make Way Partners family

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