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I receive daily calls and emails from so many of you from around the world who cry with me for the man-made catastrophic storm of South Sudan. The entire staff—and the thousands of women and children we serve—hold onto Hope, which comes through the spirit of your prayers and financial support to keep the work going.

Many of you, like me, feel frustrated by the lack of reporting on the government-sanctioned rape, genocide, and violence the world’s newest nation suffers, especially concerning our orphans. To comprehend such a state, we must read documentation such as: Kidnapped, tortured and thrown in jail: my 70 days in Sudan and the President of South Sudan’s threats to execute anyone who speaks or writes “against” the government will be target for execution. “Peter Julius Moi was killed days after president Salva Kiir announced that journalists who reported ‘against the country’ would be targeted.”

The current attacks include: “These cases included attacks on funerals and indiscriminate shelling of civilians; cases of sexual violence perpetrated against women and girls, including those fleeing fighting; often committed in front of the victims’ families.”

As you know, of the nearly 2,000 orphans for which Make Way Partners provides complete care—along with more than 300 indigenous staff—Hope for South Sudan, our smallest orphanage, has been right in the heart of the battle. Caught in the crossfire of two corrupt kleptocrats. Finally, today, one brave reporter put his life on the line to not only document their plight, but to call leaders to action. You can read his brief report here; then, please share this post with everyone on your contact/social media list.

Once we have these rare glimpses of suffering, it is our responsibility to usher in the Kingdom through our daily prayers of “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done…” by educating others and taking action ourselves!

Click here to support the cause of innocent orphans today.

With love, your sister along the journey,

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