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Act Locally – Impact Globally

``Before we’ll ever experience sustainable peace anywhere, we must participate with compassion everywhere. ``

~Kimberly Smith Highland

Through a movement of compassion — empathy in action — you can act locally to make a global impact in the fight against modern day slavery.

At Make Way Partners, we are very interested in working alongside volunteers and committed individuals who have a heart for this ministry and want to give of their time and energy. Volunteers offer their time, resources, and ideas to raise awareness, organize and host a fundraising event, and tell the story by sharing about human trafficking and modern-day oppression at church, school, work, or community.

Below are a few ideas of how you can become more involved with Make Way Partners by serving locally.

At Make Way Partners we believe that Compassion = Empathy in Action. One important way that our partners take action is by telling the stories of those rescued from and those at-risk to modern-day slavery. Sharing such stories honor the lives rescued and protected by MWP and shed light on this modern-day evil so that more lives can be saved! Below are a few ideas of how you can become more involved with telling the story of God’s work of redeeming hearts, transforming lives & restoring dignity.

  • Share Resources: Contact us for flyers, info packs or other free materials that you can use to share with your church, school, or community, as well as your family and friends!
  • Social Media: One exciting way volunteers can tell others about Make Way Partners is through the many social media avenues. “Like” the Make Way Partners Facebook page, share information on Twitter, and ask others in your social circles to join you in the journey!
  • E-Mail Stories: Forward blog or e-newsletter posts to keep friends connected to prayer needs and partnership opportunities. Sharing with your community and those in your circle of influence is a powerful way to help Make Way Partners and the many we protect.
  • Freedom Gear:  Tell the message without even saying a word! Contact us for a free pin, car magnet or make a donation and receive a t-shirt, coffee mug or other merchandise. Use these resources throughout the day as a reminder to pray for those in bondage and a tool to tell the stories of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Fundraisers are one important way to act locally and impact globally in the fight against human trafficking. Fundraisers provide the opportunity to educate a community, empower volunteers, and raise finances to care for widows and orphans in Sudan and South Sudan.

From garage sales and art exhibits, to bake sales and car washes, our volunteers are invited to unite their gifts, talents, and passions for the most vulnerable. Whether you sell items on eBay, run marathons, or participate in alternative gift giving for birthdays or Christmas, Make Way Partners is excited to help you make a difference with a fundraiser of your own.

If you, your family, friends, office, church or youth group are interested in fundraising please let us know how we can support you and your efforts. Contact us today!

MWP is volunteer driven and can use your help with office work, mail-outs and Mission Farm maintenance. If you are in the Chelsea/Birmingham, AL area and would be interested in helping in this way please contact us today!

Invite Author & President Kimberly Smith Highland to share with your church or community about human trafficking or to lead an Our Father’s Dream Retreat!

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Going is an important part of Make Way Partners ministry. Each year we bring small specialized teams of mature and committed short-term mission team members overseas to experience working and serving alongside the indigenous partners who make up our Anti-Trafficking Network. We invite people to have their eyes, ears, and hearts open to a hurting world while sharing their resources, time, and abilities to communities in need.

You can join a medical mission team or serve with the many discipleship programs for men, women, and children. If you have a passion for the oppressed and are equally passionate to learn how to most effectively serve them, begin your discernment process with our on-line application today!

  1. STEP 1: Please First Download and Review the Sudan/South Sudan Mission Trip Information Packet.
  2. STEP 2: After reviewing the Sudan Mission Trip Information Packet, please download our Mission Trip Application Recommendation Form (to give to your three references.  They can mail this form directly to MWP.)
  3. STEP 3: Lastly, to begin the discernment process please send all information to our Mission Team by mail or e-mail.

1.Volunteer in your local area!  Download Volunteer Application

2.Join the MWP Staff!  Contact MWP for help to start your vocational journey.  Download Employment Application