In a land with no mail service children wait all year to hear that they are special, loved, and prayed for by name! Make a difference in a child’s life today by sending a letter of love and encouragement.

Next Deadline For Your Child Letters:

Our Father’s Cleft: November 1
New Life Ministry: November 1
Hope For South Sudan: November 1


  • Write in clear block print. Make it easy to read.
  • Encourage them with scripture verses and spur them on in pursuing education.
  • Share about your love and prayers for them.
  • Tell them about you and your life.
  • Ask them questions about their life, friends, and what they want to become.
  • Send them a family picture or a drawing from your children. Kids love to see you and your world.


  • Don’t write in cursive.
  • Don’t give them your personal info–address, phone number, Facebook, or email.
  • Don’t say ‘I hope to meet you one day.’ Children will read this more as a promise than a possibility.
  • Don’t mention them being an orphan or dwell on what they have suffered.
  • Don’t comment about money or your financial support.
  • Don’t send gifts–books, sticker sheets, bracelets, etc..

Mail Your Letters to MWP Headquarters

Place your letters in an unsealed envelope and put your Child’s Name and Class # on the front.

Then in a larger envelope address the letter to:

Make Way Partners
Child Sponsorship Letters
P.O. Box 459
Chelsea, AL 35043

Make Way Partners specifically works where little to no other help is available because it is considered either “too” dangerous, “too” expensive or “too” remote for most people to go. The orphans we protect live in remote locations — far from the roadways or any other forms of rapid communication with the outside world. Many rural areas do not have phones, internet, or even postal service. In Sudan, where there are few roads or bridges, transportation is a challenge and travel is often interrupted or impossible during certain times of year due to heavy rains and flooding. Our orphanages are remote and require Make Way Partners staff to travel by plane and cruiser to deliver or collect a letter.

Our staff members and indigenous leaders supervise the writing and delivery of these letters. Most sponsored children have never written a letter, and they need assistance writing to their sponsors in a foreign language (English). If your sponsored child is unable to read or write, someone must help him or her read your letter and write out the response. This person may be a school teacher, a friend, or a Make Way Partner staff member. If your child has received assistance with writing, there will be a special note on the letter, which indicates this. This sometimes slows the letter response process.

Once the letter is written, it is returned to the Make Way Partners’ Headquarters to be sent on to the sponsor. All of this can take a substantial amount of time.

We encourage sponsors to get to know the child they are sponsoring through exchanging letters!

You may send cards, letters, and photos to your sponsored child at the Make Way Partners PO Box or by submitting the online form below. Sending correspondence through MWP enables our staff to maintain required correspondence records and also protects your privacy.

For the protection of the children, sponsors, and our staff, we do read letters that are exchanged between sponsors and their sponsored children. The letters are reviewed to ensure people do not threaten children, put their lives in danger, or try to develop inappropriate relationships.

Please refer to the Dos and Don’ts letter writing tips listed on this page or the sheet you received in your Welcome Kit to help you learn how best to correspond with your child in their situation.

Receiving a letter from your sponsored child typically takes several months. Letters must be monitored and often delivered to and from remote areas, so please be patient.

YES! LETTER DAY is the happiest day of the year for our sponsored children because they hear from their international families! We need your help to make sure that every orphan gets a letter.

Each year we need hundreds of extra letters to make sure every child receives an encouraging note of remembrance! Make it fun by hosting a letter writing party with your friends, family, small group… we accept volunteer letters throughout the year!  

Please simply leave the name blank in your letter (we’ll address to an unsponsored child) and follow the letter writing Dos and Don’ts above. You can send in your extra letters throughout the year. 

If you have any questions on writing a letter for an unsponsored orphan please email us at

Online Letter Form

Save time and submit your letter & photos online.

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