Lokuda’s Story

Lokuda was a newborn when we found him shackled to the prison floor alongside his mother and his two small siblings.

Lokuda’s mother had been accused of killing her husband. No one bothered to ask how many times he’d beaten, raped, or even thrown her out into the elements with her [their] children so that he could have another woman stay the night with him in their tukel. There is rarely ever justice for a woman, girl, or child in South Sudan.

When no family steps forward to care for the children, the common way in South Sudan is that, if a woman goes to prison, her children go with her so she can “care” for them. I’m not really sure how it could be possible for a woman to provide care to her children when she is chained to a filthy prison floor, and days go by without food or maybe even water being given to you. My friend, Petr Jasek, who I wrote of in Passport through Darkness has shared that his experience in a Sudanese prison was so extreme that he would wake up on the floor with rats chewing on him.

Neither compassion nor justice ever came for Lokuda’s mother, at least not on this earth. She was executed.

By the grace of God and the faithful donors of Make Way Partners, we were able to rescue Lokuda and his two siblings, Monday and Lokalie.

Monday, the sister of Lokuda, was three years old and very sick. Her rectum turned out on itself anytime she defecated, and it remained outside her body for long periods of time. We medevaced her to Kijabi medical mission in Kenya, and the wonderful doctors there saved her life. Then, a loving family stepped forward to sponsor her. Today, she is thriving at Hope for South Sudan.

Lokalie, Lokuda’s five-year-old brother, was quickly sponsored also, and he is one of our brightest stars in preschool.

Of the three siblings found on the prison floor that blistering morning, Lokuda is the only one who is still waiting for a sponsor. The only one still waiting to receive personal letters from his new “mom” or “dad” and pictures to tuck under his pillow knowing that some family, somewhere, claims him—and prays for him each day by name.

At only one year old, Lokuda has a lot of years ahead of him for someone to grow alongside him—cheering him along the way, mourning with him through his childhood suffering, and celebrating all the milestones of growing into a new sort of leader that his country needs so desperately. We’ve seen prayers work miracles, and I have a feeling Lokuda is one of them springing up day by day!

Please click here to incarnate love for Lokuda today by becoming his sponsor:  Become Family for Lokuda Loriyet Lokale

Also, click here to offer a donation to our general fund, keeping us fleet-footed and ready to spring into action for such desperate cases where we must hire private charters to medivac children for emergency surgery before they can ever move into one of our loving orphanages.

With love and gratitude, your sister along the journey,

If you would like to sponsor a child, such as Lokuda, through Make Partners, please click here to find out how to: become a child sponsor!

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