Looking UP at Hope for South Sudan!

After many months of heavy artillery and armed combat terrorizing our orphans from all sides, we are elated to receive the following report from a major news source in South Sudan:

Radio Miraya

“Signs of normalcy have started showing up at the Hope for South Sudan Orphanage center in Torit which remained under tension for weeks, after SPLA and opposition forces took positions on either side of the orphanage, disrupting learning activities.

“Late last week, both SPLA and opposition fighters heeded to the mounting calls from the Governor of Imotong State, religious leaders, and UNMISS leadership to withdraw from the area.

“Father Romano Oguma, Director of the Orphanage, said the withdrawal of soldiers has ushered a sense of calm and ease at the center and the children are up and running.”

Life is indeed finding a rhythm once again in the orphanage, and even spreading to the surrounding community, slowly-by-slowly. Romano, the former director of Hope for South Sudan, left for England the day after doing this interview.  He left the ministry in the well-trained and highly capable hands of our long-term partners Peter Sarafina and Paul Otwari.

Please continue to pray for both of these men in leadership as well as the orphans and community they serve. Both of them also need sponsors who will pray for them daily, send them occasional letters of encouragement, and provide financial support. Please write me directly if you are interested in supporting Peter or Paul.

Love, your sister along the journey,


  • Cora Marandino says:

    Praise God for the new level of peace and safety for the children to thrive in … Iam praying for this new generation to be the change in a south Sudan for His glory … for many to come forward to support Peter and Paul … And for the transformation Romano will experience in his time away.

  • Terri says:

    Hallelujah! Praise God! I will continue to pray for their safety and peace within the complex and also for Peter and Paul-wisdom, discernment and God’s protection.

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