Love Without Hesitation by Guest Blogger Catherine Huang

Guest Blog by Catherine Huang, MWP Asian Coordinator

Recently, I’ve been praying and meditating a lot upon the vastness of God’s love. There is one scripture that keeps coming to my mind. “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

When Jesus walked to the cross—full well knowing each agonizing step took him closer to death, he never faltered. He ‘set his face like a flint’, surrendered to the call of the unconditional love he’d spent his life teaching about. He died exactly how he lived: loving at a great personal cost, even in the face of pain and hate.

This week, I went to share with the people of Nei Hu Friendship Presbyterian Church in Taipei, Taiwan about our orphans in Sudan and South Sudan. I never know for sure what to expect from people, because sometimes the stories our children have suffered are very tough to hear.  But, when I stepped into this church many young mothers came rushing up to me saying, “Welcome! We can’t wait to hear more stories about the children that we sponsor! We pray for them every day and keep their pictures out to show everyone, just like our very own children in our homes!”

This small fellowship sponsors two children in the Make Way Partners orphanages. They even put the photos of these two children in a very prominent position that you can see as soon as you enter the church.

I know they love these two kids just like they love their own. The leader of the fellowship quickly called upon me to share. She asked me, “Catherine, every sister would like to hear more updates about our two children; we want to know do they perform well in school and do they live their life well? Do you have their newest photos?” She said all these things to me just like a mother whose children are studying abroad.

About a year ago, our Chinese-translation team translated Kimberly’s story of Sunday, who’d been held captive in a South Sudanese government-sanctioned rape camp. We posted it onto Make Way Partners Taiwan Facebook page, asking for someone to sponsor Sunday’s children. When women of Nei Hu Fellowship learned about Sunday and her children, they immediately took action! They decided to mobilize their love, prayers, and money to sponsor both of Sunday’s children! They pray privately in their homes for the children and even gather every week just to pray for these two precious children.

In fact, when I finished the translation and posted it online, I kept praying that these two kids can have the really amazing sponsors. These women have shown me the borderless love of God. Just like Christ, although it is very difficult for this small fellowship, they never wavier in their prayers and financial support for the orphans.

Taiwan is not exactly a Christian nation. So, many of us Christian’s try to echo this one sentence, “God is showing you someone’s need because he wants you to become this person’s blessing.”

It seems to me that if we can always remember the unconditional love Jesus lived to die for us, then, we too can step into steadfast love without any hesitation. Perhaps, then, our first response to the sight of someone in need will always be to choose to love, without hesitation! Yes, Lord, here am I!

Click here to learn about Bakita Awut Akotand how you can sponsor her today!

Catherine Huang
Asian Coordinator

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  • ElLois Betts says:

    “God is showing you someone’s need because he wants you to become this person’s blessing.”

    What an amazing thought Catherine. Thank you for sharing what our Taiwanese partners in Christ are doing in their love and compassion for our Sudanese children.

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