Monday’s Child

Romano rang me early in the morning from the border of South Sudan, drawing close against Uganda where he was to meet supply trucks to help them clear the border without exorbitant taxes and trouble.

“Kimberly, I know you are waiting for word from our drivers and trucks, but first I must tell you what I stumbled upon as I made my way through the political red tape. A man told me a story of a woman accused of killing her husband. He said she was in prison, waiting execution and her children needed help. I went to the prison, hoping to get more information and see if we could help in any way. When I told them who I was, they took me directly to the woman’s cell. I am a South Sudanese, and I have been working with Make Way Partners for the most vulnerable orphans for many years now, but even I was surprised by what I found.

“The woman was shackled to the floor, and her three children (nine months, three, and four-years-old) were all bound with her. She is to be executed any day, and there is no one to take her children. They will die with her. I know our orphanage is very full, but I am calling to ask if we can take in these three children.”

“Dear Jesus!” I thought. “How do you stand this day in and day out, year after year? Please fill us with the hope to press on and find Your mercy for all.”

Of course, we accepted the children. Now, all three, one girl, Monday, and her two brothers are in our Complete Care ministry at Hope for South Sudan.

Monday is three years old, and we have discovered she is very sick. Her rectum turns out on itself anytime she tries to defecate, and it remains outside her body for long periods of time. We will probably need to medevac her to Kenya or Uganda for surgery, as we do all our seriously ill children. Meanwhile, Susan, Romano’s wife, is very ill also. She is hemorrhaging for unknown reasons. She miscarried their baby a few months ago, so it may all be related, however, the problem has continued too long and we will need to take Susan out-of-country as well.

While I am profoundly grateful for the medical missions in Kenya who joyfully receive our patients and treat them with loving care, it is costly in both dollars and energy to carry our women and children so far from home. And, the harsh reality is, many children we find are simply too far gone to make the arduous trip. They often die without any sort of medical care.

Our Faith, Hope, and Love holistic-care hospital is our dream to answer these complicated but solvable maladies. We have already broken ground, are firing bricks, and training staff for this hospital. However, we are a long way from our financial funding needs to make this dream a reality. Please click on the FHL link to read the details, give toward this life-saving effort, and share with your church, friends, and colleagues that together we might offer transforming compassion to these little ones.

To sponsor Monday or one of her beautiful brothers, please call our mission headquarters: 205.240.8597. All of this is so fresh, we do not yet have their stories and pictures on our sponsorship page, but will send their biographical information directly to you. Thank you for helping us to “make way” for three more precious children.

With love, your sister along the journey,


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