MWP Spring Newsletter in English AND Chinese!

Make Way Partners mission to go to the most vulnerable & least protected to end human trafficking & all forms of modern-day oppression.

Our mission thrusts us straight into the heart of war, violence, corruption, and evil. Over the last fourteen years, we have learned that the cost of this is nothing less than everything. And we are finding great peace with this Everything Cost, because as followers of the Way this is what was first given to us: EVERYTHING.

As the ministry of Make Way Partners grows, we learn step-by-step how to do what has never been attempted—providing consistent, sustainable, transformational care and infrastructure for orphans, widows, and elderly held captive inside warzones by the merciless leaders who prey and profit upon them.

And yet, God is doing the impossible through your support of the Make Way Partners infrastructure and of our dynamic network including our Taiwan Branch location!

This location proves the power of what one person can do for the mission of Make Way Partners.  A Taiwanese-American living in Illinois read Passport through Darkness in English, and then sought and found a volunteer to translate it into Chinese.  Next this dynamic team worked together to find a publisher.  This publisher arranged a month-long book tour for me to speak in Taiwan.  While there, the people became so passionate, giving thousands of dollars, requiring a reprint of Passport through Darkness, and the opening of their own in-country branch of Make Way Partners.  Although, we have financial partners in more than 40 countries, our Chinese-speaking population is rapidly becoming the second largest donor base, next to the USA.  The Taiwan team consists mostly of volunteers, just as we did in our early days here in the US, with an entire team of recent college graduates who translate all the blogs and newsletters—pro bono, after finishing their day jobs!

Our newest spring newsletter has launched, and with the help of this Taiwan team, you can now read it in English AND Chinese!

Click here for the English Version

Click here for the Chinese Version

Learn more about our dynamic network and the lives protected in Sudan and South Sudan!  Then share the newsletter with more and help us tell the story!

Love, your sister along the journey,

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