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At first glance of the below map, you might think, “I’ve seen this before.” And you’d be right; we have used a version of this map before—illustrating all the places where MWP works or has branches. THIS MAP of our WORLD, however, shows not only WHERE we work but also WHO’S equipping the work through prayer and finances—that’d be YOU! All the red markers represent home-sites for MWP; all the green dots represent YOU, donors and partners of MWP, who span the globe covering 52 countries! TOGETHER, we are making the world a better and safer place for thousands of women and children. To follow, you will find Good News and Greetings from each MWP home-site.


1. Mission Farm Training Center: In 2017, our president earned her NLR and NLC accreditation through Natural Lifemanship to carry forward mental, emotional, and spiritual healing for all four categories of the work of Make Way Partners: stateside staff, indigenous staff, partners, and the women and children we serve together. We hosted our first official Fundamentals course at the Mission Farm, our corporate headquarters, in the spring and have already begun training with indigenous staff. Serving in warzones where no one is alive who was not born into war, the perpetual cycle of trauma and violence is one of the most daunting adversaries we face. Through this specialized equine-facilitated care, our Faith, Hope, and Love Ministry is already showing great signs of hope as some of our most traumatized leaders and children receive specialized trauma-informed care. Together, we are not only saving lives, but also transforming a nation—through one transformed life at a time. Our next training will be in Uganda in 2018 for even more staff from every location of our anti-trafficking network. Learn more about how this trauma-informed care transforms lives: makewaypartners.org/fhl

2. New Life Ministry: is located along the border of Darfur and is our oldest school, orphanage, and clinic in South Sudan providing complete care to nearly 750 orphans. In December 2016, we celebrated our first high school graduation! Great tears of joy were shed by many as Kimberly and James Lual Atak remembered rescuing each of our graduates from the bush more than a decade ago; now seeing them head onto university. Yes! That is right. Thanks to our partnership with Sudan Relief that has granted scholarships for every one of our high school graduates, these bright students’ dreams of becoming the leaders of their own nation one day is getting closer. Last week on December 8th, 2017 brought no less joy with our second high school graduation of 21 students

3. Hope for South Sudan: is our second school, orphanage, and clinic in South Sudan providing complete care, including education through eighth grade, to approximately 300 orphans. War completely ravaged the surrounding villages, and our children have suffered great sadness, fear, and trauma. Still, we praise God that we did not lose a single life in these hardest of times. Instead, we added protection and love for 60 new children, and have expanded the ministry to provide for the most vulnerable—the elderly and infirmed who could not flee as the rest of the community left for refugee camps. The South Sudanese general leading the warfront visits us often, pledges protection, and shows great appreciation for the work we are doing to protect the children. Your prayers and partnership keep us going strong through seemingly impossible situations.

4. Our Father’s Cleft: is our newest orphanage, school, and medical clinic providing complete care for nearly 500 children, ranging from preschool to ninth grade. It is located in Sudan and, therefore, is the most challenging, dangerous, and expensive location to access, maintain, and sustain regular communication. The ongoing genocide enacted by the [North] Sudanese government continues to close churches, threaten all aid efforts, and target civilians. Still, we are growing. In 2017, we expanded our Nuba educational services to include a high school, and will be expanding our orphan homes in 2018.

5. Faith, Hope, and Love Medical Network: is the conduit through which we provide physical, psychological, and spiritual care to all in our network, and it connects each orphanage and clinic through both training and accountability. From day one of Make Way Partners, we knew to help victims of human trafficking or oppression that medical care would be a huge component. As we’ve built each orphanage, a small clinic has been included at each site. However, these are rudimentary clinics run by baseline caregivers—unfortunately, the best in Sudan and South Sudan at the time. Even still, over the last several years as support has grown, this medical infrastructure continues to improve and deepen our care throughout each MWP location. FHL assumes full responsibility for all oversight of each orphanage clinic—from administration, to training, to medical supplies. While caring for the bodies of those we serve is obviously important, the FHL network does so much more. We prayerfully address the needs of the whole person who suffers severe trauma—including physical, psychological, and spiritual care—utilizing the principles of our equine facilitated trauma-informed care. Many of both our staff and those we serve suffer from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Our Mission Farm Training Center is the perfect “safe zone” to host much of our trauma-informed care for both nationals and internationals. We also host trainings from our Safe House in Uganda. All volunteers desiring to serve on a MWP mission trip must complete the Fundamentals course of this training. If you are interested in more information or attending, please write us at info@makewaypartners.org

6. Kenya Safe House: As our FHL medical network develops, we continue to medevac children and women in need of surgery to neighboring, higher developed countries, such as Kenya and Uganda. After hospital care for each child (ranging from bomb-wrought amputations to a young girl lost inside herself from a traumatic-rape pregnancy) patients are usually far too physically, psychologically, and spiritually fragile to send immediately back into the warzone. Our Kenya Safe House exists to provide them with consistent, daily, loving care for as long as they need it—sometimes weeks, often a year or more—until they are ready to go home. Kenya is also our main source for the overwhelming majority of supplies of food, construction materials, and medicine for our anti-trafficking network in Sudan and South Sudan.

7. Uganda Safe House: Our Uganda Safe House serves as a backup to our Kenya Safe House. Through so many years of war, often one country or the other may close its borders to refugees or exports such as food and medicine. The specialized care available at one home or hospital versus the other is a factor used to determine where we need to send each child. Our Uganda Safe House also serves as a home-away-from-home for many students we have on scholarship in Uganda. They are in boarding school but take holidays in our Safe House.

8. Taiwan Branch: In 2016, we opened an in-country branch of MWP in Taiwan. Although we have financial partners in all 50 states and 52 different countries, our Chinese-speaking population is rapidly becoming the second largest donor base, next to the USA. The Taiwan team started with a hearty slew of volunteers, just as we did in our early days here in the USA. This team of recent college graduates translate all the blogs and newsletters—pro bono—after finishing their day jobs! Our Indigenous Asian Coordinator oversees the work and manages our Chinese Facebook page and thank you calls to donors who are not bilingual. One of the most exciting things about this branch is how all these translations are reaching the Chinese-speaking population in the USA! Kimberly has spoken at several Chinese-speaking churches with a great response from all. If you know of a Chinese-speaking church you’d like to introduce MWP to, please contact us at info@makewaypartners.org today. We’ll send free info and copies of Passport through Darkness in Chinese! Kimberly is currently in Taiwan on her second annual speaking tour: sharing about the orphans and widows in our dynamic network and how more can join the battle.

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