Remembering Giving Tuesday by Guest Blogger Adam Nash

By Guest Blogger Adam Nash, Sr. Administrative Assistant

Sometimes, when I am at home playing with my boys or enjoying some time with my wife, I’ll catch myself thinking about the work MWP does on the front-lines against war, human trafficking, and oppression. Being 10,000 miles a way, I suddenly find myself feeling small, hopeless, and disconnected.

In these times, I find comfort in letting my mind drift back to where we began. There I remember why we do what we do and, through that remembering, see just how far we’ve come together.

Last week, we shared with you that here at the Mission Farm (MWP office) we posted the names of all our partners—including YOU!—on our walls during the holiday season. Walking from room to room throughout the day and seeing each of your names has been a wonderful reminder of the powerful team we have standing together in action for the vulnerable in Sudan and South Sudan. Donors and partners from every state in the USA, and over 50 countries around the world united for a singular purpose through MWP. Indeed, we have come a long way since that first group of orphans learning under the trees of Sudan in 2005. And together, we provide complete care and support for 1,500 unadoptable orphans and growing in 3 locations throughout Sudan and South Sudan, employ over 300 indigenous staff, are graduating our second high school class in just a few weeks, and sending last year’s graduates to college. What a bright light we make together in such a dark world!

I hope you have enjoyed many of those early memories we have been sharing through our social media the last few weeks. I know I sure have! They’re great reminders to hold onto the hope and let it continue to transform us.

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I am asking YOU to join with MWP for a special opportunity to band together as that powerful team, standing up not only against war, human trafficking, and oppression, but for peace, love, and justice. Each year, on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday a whole day is dedicated to giving to your favorite non-profits—it’s called #GivingTuesday. 

By giving on #GivingTuesday, you are joining the positive efforts of MWP happening everyday on the front-lines. I am encouraged that together, we have, are, and will make a difference so much bigger than any one of us could do alone!

I hope on this #GivingTuesday that you enjoy a renewed hope for the future, a deep connection to each other in the mission, and the strength to keep pushing forward.

And don’t forget to GIVE!

Adam Nash
Sr. Administrative Assistant
US Field Coordinator

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