Shackled to the Prison Floor

Lokuda was a newborn when we found him shackled to the prison floor with his mother and two small siblings.

It has been a long year since that fateful day.  Lokuda’s mother had been accused of killing her husband and no real justice system was overseeing her case.

Neither compassion nor justice came for Lokuda’s mother, at least not on this earth. Her three children, however, have a fighting chance through our Child Sponsorship.

Monday, the sister of Lokuda, was three years old, and very sick. Her rectum turned out on itself anytime she tries to defecate, and it remained outside her body for long periods of time. We medevaced her to Kijabi medical mission in Kenya, and a loving family stepped forward to sponsor her. Today, she is thriving at Hope for South Sudan.

Lokalie, Lokuda’s five-year-old brother was quickly sponsored also, and he is one of our brightest stars of preschool.

Of the three siblings found on the prison floor that blistering morning, Lokuda is the only one still waiting for a sponsor. The only one still waiting to receive personal letters from his new “mom” or “dad” and pictures to tuck under his pillow knowing that some family somewhere claims him—and prays for him each day by name.

At only one year old, Lokuda has a lot of years ahead of him for someone to grow alongside him—cheering him along the way, crying in his childhood suffering, and celebrating all the milestones of growing into a new sort of leader that his country needs so desperately. We’ve seen prayers work miracles, and I have a feeling Lokuda is one of them springing up day by day.

Let’s show Lokuda that there is a freedom of heart, mind, and soul that’s even more powerful than the one that picked his newborn body from the prison floor. Click here to sponsor Lokuda today.

Love, your sister along the journey,

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