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Normally, we envision trauma through a lens of someone experiencing war, and that is certainly one form of real trauma.  Just writing that makes me laugh, as I recently read this G.K. Chesterton quote, “Marriage is an adventure, like going to war.” I certainly know that living with me can be traumatic at times!

In fact, trauma can include a wide range of definitions with one common and devastating effect:  severing (or at least severely damaging) deep connection with self and others, leaving the sufferer feeling alone and isolated.  Psychologically, we call this dysregulation. This dysregulation impacts everything from our work to our ability to focus on a task; remembering what we just read to all of our relationships with friends, families, and even God.

Sometimes, we may not even know why we feel isolated, lonely, exactly when we lost that deep sense of connection, or what caused it. That’s ok. When I first started working on my own dysregulation and trauma, I thought I knew what “events” caused it. In reality, I found that I had developed some long-term patterns that may have kept me safe at one point in my life, but those same coping mechanisms began to cost me far more than they offered in return.

Thankfully, I found Natural Lifemanship. They break it down for me so simply—challenging the haint around the “trauma” word and helping me to understand some of my otherwise inexplicable thoughts, feelings, and behaviors:  “As a result of various adverse circumstances, including, but not limited to trauma, abuse, neglect, combat, grief and loss, sickness, and pathology, they [people] often develop ways of coping and interacting in relationships that become a pattern. These coping mechanisms and relational interactions, while once necessary for survival, become detrimental in situations where survival is no longer the overriding concern.”

Natural Lifemanship has truly transformed not only my life, but also the life of Make Way Partners. We’re far from perfect, but we are on the path from surviving to thriving. Now, you have an opportunity to get a taste of this for yourself at two upcoming workshops in Alabama! In fact, we believe in it so much that all our staff is slowly undergoing the training, and we’re passing it on to our staff and children in Sudan and South Sudan, as well. All missionaries and volunteers interacting with our staff and children must complete at least the Fundamentals course. But whether you ever plan on a mission trip or you just want deeper connections with others—such as your children or your spouse, for example—or you want to be more successful at work, one of these two courses being offered right here in Alabama is a great place to start!  [March 17-18, 2018  &  March 19, 2018]

For a funny, firsthand encounter where Natural Lifemanship prevented a twelve car pileup,
click here!  How Natural Lifemanship Prevented a 12-Car Pile Up 

SPECIAL ONE TIME OFFER:  For a limited time only, mention Make Way Partners when you sign up and get a free pat on the back from the Natural Lifemanship founders, Tim Jobe and Betting Shultz-Jobe!  Those hugs will go fast, so sign up today!:  March 17-18  and  March 19

Love, your sister on the road of recovery,

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