You can protect a child at risk to modern-day slavery!

100% of your designated donation goes directly to care for your child. Absolutely no administration fees will be taken out of your life-saving gift.

How it Works!

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Expand Your Family

Chose a child from our website. Hundreds of unadoptable orphans are eagerly waiting to be welcomed into a family!

Give the Gift

$105/month restores Hope. Give the gift of life and provide a child with: home, food, education, 24hour security, physical, spiritual, and psychological care!

Build the Connection

Your sponsorship and letters are a life-line of love to the orphans in our network!

Your Gift Gives:

Freedom from trafficking, oppression, war, and famine. Read how MWP saved Emmanuel from traffickers.

A place to call home with your family & a global community surrounding each child with love. Read about Ibala and his new family.

Education, discipleship, and hope for the future of Sudan & South Sudan. Read about Peter Mangar from orphan to graduate.

“I think God love me so much that is why we write letters to each other.”

Write a letter to your child today to remind them they are LOVED!

Make Way Partners sponsorship is one of the few sponsorship programs that provides complete care. Most sponsorship programs provide only subsidized care for children living with family who might need help with school or food. The situation is much worse in Sudan and South Sudan where children are vulnerable to human trafficking, disease, and starvation; some even witnessing the death of their families as casualties of war. MWP has a lifetime commitment to stand in the gap for these orphans and provides life giving care and a future full of hope.

Make Way Partners orphan-care network is working to save, heal, protect and prepare thousands of at-risk orphans to become the next generation of leaders in their communities. As a sponsor, you will not only provide your child with life-saving essentials but complete and total care that will offer life-giving hope as well.

Complete Care sponsorship provides:

    • • A loving home and 24-hour security
    • • A quality education
    • • Christ-centered discipleship
    • • Nutritious food and clean water
    • • Proper healthcare and medicine
    • • Emotional trauma care and healing support

Through Make Way Partners’ Child Sponsorship Program, you can provide complete care for an at-risk, unadoptable orphan in Sudan.

The Walen and Malen sponsorship opportunity is unique in that it is one of the few sponsorship programs where you are providing complete care. When you support a child through most sponsorship programs, you are subsidizing his or her care while the child has the blessing of at living with a family who simply needs help with school books or more food, for example. In Sudan, however, the situation is quite different. We have a lifetime commitment to these orphans because in Sudan most have seen their parents brutally murdered or taken as slaves by the Northern government or militias. Our children were then left alone to die in the desert where they are vulnerable to wildlife, slave raiders, disease and starvation. It is as if each child literally becomes our child as we may be his or her only surviving “Family.”

100% of sponsorship donations go directly to care for the children. No administrative fees are taken out of these life-saving gifts. Make Way Partners believes and strives to be a good steward of the resources we receive.

As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to write your child every year. Once a year, MWP hand delivers letters to each orphanage in a process that we call Letter Day. The children cherish these letters and love writing back to you, their family. When you sponsor a child you will receive your child’s latest letter. These letters are usually addressed to volunteers that have been writing to them as they were waiting to be sponsored. This helps build a connection and gain insight into your child’s unique personality.

Sponsorship is designed for long-term and deep connection between sponsorship and child. While you can cancel at any time, you may continue sponsoring your child for as long as your child remains in the MWP Network.  Many have sponsored children for over ten years!

Children do not phase out because of age; MWP is committed to providing the highest level of education and care to each child. Every child has the opportunity to obtain the skills and resources to become self-sustained and successful. As future leaders of their country, we work to build relationships for each child with the community for jobs, internships, and college university programs.

We believe that one of the most effective ways to help a child is to strengthen the child’s entire community. Our teachers, staff, and widows from the local communities are the anchors of change and support for our children. Many of these courageous leaders were rescued from slavery, widowed from heinous war crimes, or escaped the ongoing epidemic of starvation. Your gift will provide the support and healing they so desperately need for rehabilitation.

• Recurring payments through your online banking
• Bank drafts: a direct debit of your checking account
• Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover (For your convenience, MWP will automatically process your credit card donation each month.)
• Online donations
• Checks*
Canadian Donors – please visit our GIVE page to learn about the unique way you can sponsor a child through VOM Canada.

*MWP does not send monthly statements or reminders to donors. Upon request, MWP can send payment envelopes to help you remember to send your annual or monthly donation.

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