Adam Nash


Adam Nash

Sr. Administrative Assistant & US Field Coordinator


Adam Nash serves as the Sr. Administrative Assistant & US Field Coordinator with Make Way Partners.


Adam received a BA in Mathematics and graduated top of his class in his MBA from Oklahoma Wesleyan University. While teaching for a year abroad in Cambodia, Adam saw firsthand the dark, closeted underworld of human trafficking. He returned to the US with a desire to use his gifts in finance and marketing to help protect and fight for the vulnerable of the world. In 2013, Adam and his wife Rachel became a part of the MWP family.

Adam loves playing team sports and feels MWP is one of those great teams that he is thankful to be a part of. “We all have different gifts, personalities, and roles,” he says, “but we all share a passion and desire for the greater good of ending human-slavery.”

Adam also enjoys connecting with others over coffee, learning new things, reading a good book, and backpacking with his wife.

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