Our leaders from from Hope For South Sudan scans the countryside, taking in outcast children regardless of their ethnicity. Word of our staff’s blind love for children, spread across the tribal borders, and locals in Ibala’s village soon learned of people who would even receive children from competing tribes. They sent word to HFSS.

By the time our staff traveled the many kilometers to Ibala’s village, he found Ibala asleep on the ground. His tiny legs were too weak for walking. Beer brewed by local businessmen from USAID-dropped sorghum was the only nourishment Ibala had known since his mother died weeks earlier.

Romano cradled this infant-sized five year old into the nook of his arms and carried him down the mountain to his new home: Hope For South Sudan. For the first few days, Ibala could not hold down any food, and his survival was touch and go.

In the meantime, Romano learned of Masmino, Ibala’s older brother, and went on yet another relentless search. Soon, he found Masimo, too. The brothers laughed and cried to be reunited.

Thanks to years of consistent love and care—made possible through your donations, and delivered by our fabulous indigenous staff—Masmino and Ibala are thriving! They are both healthy and happy, especially to be together. What marvelous gifts of God brought through partnership!

 Here’s a life in the day at Hope For South Sudan:

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Kimberly Smith Highland



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