14 Feb


Today, my husband and I are reaffirming our love for one another by extending it to an orphan who’s lost his original family. His name is Iscopi Omar Anur Mondu; he is 12 years old and he attends school at MWP orphanage, Our Father’s Cleft in Nuba Mountains. Scott and I are already both so […]

2 Feb

A New Heart

Nearly three years ago, we found these little twins lying in a tukel with their mother swaying from a rope above them. Soldiers were invading her village, and she knew all too well what that meant. She just couldn’t bear it all again. By the time the twins were in our hands, they were both […]

1 Feb

Birth Announcement for Valentine’s Day

I’m asking my husband if we can have another child for Valentine’s Day! Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day will share February 14th this year, while Easter and April Fool’s Day will share April 1st, 2018. When I learned this odd twist in the calendar, it got me to thinking about how foolish it is to believe […]

26 Jan

Lokuda’s Story

Lokuda was a newborn when we found him shackled to the prison floor alongside his mother and his two small siblings. Lokuda’s mother had been accused of killing her husband. No one bothered to ask how many times he’d beaten, raped, or even thrown her out into the elements with her [their] children so that he could […]