16 Jun

Eugenio and Boys Safe in Kenya!

Thank you for your prayers for the orphans and staff at Hope For South Sudan.  We just received word that MWP Sr. Field Coordinator Eugenio Kirima, Moses, and Lokolong made it safely to Nairobi! Please keep praying for Hope for South Sudan as the violence continues around them and for peace throughout South Sudan as the war […]

15 Jun

War Closes Access to Hope for South Sudan Orphanage

Earlier this week, MWP Sr. Field Coordinator Eugenio Kirima flew to Hope for South Sudan to pick up Moses and Lokolong. Both boys display symptoms of infection – one with his ear and one with his eye. Recently we brought another young boy, Simplicio, to our Safe House in Kenya, who needed specialized treatment for a very similar […]

1 May

The Amazing Journey to Healing and More Meaningful Relationships

Many of you have been praying over, financially supporting, and even serving in the MWP Faith, Hope, and Love Medical Network. Today, I want to share with you what I believe to be the single most important factor of this growing ministry: our partnership with Natural Lifemanship. As a survivor of three personal attacks during […]

6 Apr

A 13 Year Old with a Story to Be Told

When I first began writing Passport through Darkness I remember listening to a publisher discourse on how he might market such a book. He said, “Certainly, we couldn’t class it as a memoir because you’re too young to write a marketable memoir.” My Appalachian father would have vehemently argued that case with him, as most of […]

4 Apr

Filling Dangerous Holes with Love

St John of the Cross wrote, “Love is the measure by which we will be judged; where there is no love, PUT love.” Recently, as I lay in ICU riddled with pain and a difficult medical choice to make, the thought ran through my mind, “This is not a good day.” I willed myself to […]

21 Feb

Death Mocking at Our Door

The news of death mocking at our door found me as I traveled some thousand miles from home last week. It has taken me the whole of the week—listening to the pounding of its disjointed rhythm—before I could cull out its message. Somewhere between 1 and 2 am Lual Atak called me, broken. I could barely […]

26 Jan

The Difference in a Year by Guest Blogger Audrey Moore

From Guest Blogger, Audrey Moore, Executive Assistant to Kimberly Smith Highland  As Kimberly and the team journeyed by Land Cruiser over mountain passes and bridgeless waterways from the Nuba Mountains toward South Sudan two bombs dropped from planes along their path. No one was injured and the team made safe passage out of Sudan to the abandoned refugee camp […]

26 Jan

Chemical Warfare at Our Father’s Cleft

Our time here in Nuba Mountains has been full of celebration, laughter, grand story-telling of from what we’ve come, and tears for the pains we continue to face. For now, I only have seconds of email access at the governor’s gracious consent, so please know that I will be sending great news of our school’s excellent […]

13 Jan

Back to the Future

On Saturday morning I head back in time to a still-ancient world to gain glimpses of the future; these Hearts of Courage are the Why. I will lead a small band of international brothers and sisters on month-long journey who want to meet the Why and find their role in the What to do for […]

19 Dec

From Survive to Thrive

In 2010, James Lual Atak asked me to please consider expanding Make Way Partners to the Nuba Mountains. With tears in his eyes, he said, “What they are going through today is much like what our children and I were suffering when God first brought you to us at the cusp of Darfur; it only seems […]