11 May

12 Year Old Nuba Girl Stoned

I returned from South Sudan about midnight last night. Each Wednesday each of the Make Way Partners indigenous directors calls me to give their weekly reports and for general planning. Knowing I would be moving slowly this morning, Ayoub from Our Father’s Cleft in Nuba wrote me an email instead of calling. Here is the email I […]

17 Jun

Prayers for Baby Jane

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week because it is the day that each of our indigenous leaders calls me with a weekly update on our orphans. I just hung up the phone with Romano. Life at Hope for South Sudan (HFSS) couldn’t be much better! Thanks to some very generous giving, we recently purchased […]

29 May

Life Transforming Compassion

During my recent visit to the heart of the war in Nuba Mountains of Sudan, I visited Gidel hospital, the only fully operational hospital in our region serving soldiers, laboring mothers running from bombs, and amputee orphans (like our own little Rabi) side-by-side. Dr. Tom Catena, the founder and head of the hospital, and I […]

11 May

Monday’s Child

Romano rang me early in the morning from the border of South Sudan, drawing close against Uganda where he was to meet supply trucks to help them clear the border without exorbitant taxes and trouble. “Kimberly, I know you are waiting for word from our drivers and trucks, but first I must tell you what I […]

11 Feb

Romano and Susan’s Loss

Many years ago, when Milton and I first took a stand for “other children”—those who were not our own by birth—Evil was not happy with us. Evil grew violently personal and threatened our daughters, and then our very lives. Evil continues to pursue us in increasingly more intimate ways. Milton taught me long ago that […]

3 Feb


  #injust10years amazing things have happened at Make Way Partners! Join us in celebrating 10 years of grassroots ministry in Sudan and South Sudan! Share about something AMAZING that happened in YOUR LIFE over these past 10 years by February 24th! The first 100 PARTICIPANTS who post a photo @MakeWayPartners with the hashtag #injust10years will win […]

27 Jan

A Radical Partnership

We’ve all read, “—a three-fold cord is not easily broken.” Yet, how easy it is to plow through life without really being in touch with our human need for friends and partners. From the very beginning of forming MWP, we knew the call was bigger than ourselves, and we could not do this alone. I […]

12 Jan

Next Costly Step for Holistic-Care Hospital in South Sudan

One-News-Now’s Charlie Butts, reports on the next costly step required for Make Way Partners to build the Faith, Hope, and Love holistic-care hospital in South Sudan. This first phase will include a modest neonatal ward in honor of Baby Godwin. CLICK HERE to read Charlie’s report and to help get the word out #MakeWay4Freedom   Love, […]

9 Jan

Celebrating 10 Years of Grassroots Ministry in Sudan & South Sudan!

New Life Ministry—on the border of Darfur—MWP first indigenous partnership since 2005 In 2005, at the height of the Darfur genocide, I joined a team of ministry leaders documenting the atrocities in Sudan and distributing relief supplies and experienced firsthand the effects of more than five decades of war, genocide, persecution, human trafficking, and Islamic […]

7 Jan

Ten Years: Faith, Hope, and Love

The Make Way Partners Faith, Hope, and Love (FHL) medical network has provided medical care through Sudan and South Sudan since 2005.  Each of the three MWP indigenously-led orphan-care facilities includes a clinic offering basic medical care to our 1,500 orphans and their surrounding communities.  These three clinics are 1,000 miles from one another and form […]