19 Feb

Lidia is Half Way Home

After publishing Lidia’s story last week, someone immediately stepped forward and donated to rebuild her home—so she’s half way there! What is missing is an ongoing sponsor for this precious widow, someone who will write her letters of encouragement and ensure she has enough to eat and can help her to buy seeds and tools […]

16 Feb

Once Upon a Love

For better or for worse, I tend to be goal oriented and driven by my pre-set agenda. When it comes to the work of MWP, we primarily focus on orphan care. But, every once upon a time, a legless, deaf, or blind man tumbles onto our path, or a widow appears at the edge of […]

14 Feb


Today, my husband and I are reaffirming our love for one another by extending it to an orphan who’s lost his original family. His name is Iscopi Omar Anur Mondu; he is 12 years old and he attends school at MWP orphanage, Our Father’s Cleft in Nuba Mountains. Scott and I are already both so […]

1 Feb

Birth Announcement for Valentine’s Day

I’m asking my husband if we can have another child for Valentine’s Day! Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day will share February 14th this year, while Easter and April Fool’s Day will share April 1st, 2018. When I learned this odd twist in the calendar, it got me to thinking about how foolish it is to believe […]

22 Jan

Special One Time Offer!

Normally, we envision trauma through a lens of someone experiencing war, and that is certainly one form of real trauma.  Just writing that makes me laugh, as I recently read this G.K. Chesterton quote, “Marriage is an adventure, like going to war.” I certainly know that living with me can be traumatic at times! In […]