21 Dec

FIRST YEAR BOOK of South Sudan!

As I wrote yesterday, I have just returned from our most celebratory moment in the history of South Sudan history—the first graduation ceremony our region has ever known! In fact, more people attended our high school graduation than attended the recent national celebration of the world’s newest country in the capital, Juba. Click here to see the […]

27 Mar

The Cost of Love

My favorite day of the week in Nuba is Friday, because in the afternoon the children celebrate that they have survived one more week. They take time to play, sing, dance, and just hang out. Today, they went all out, showing me many of their native dances. The tall, strong boys wore sheaves of bells tied […]

26 Mar

Our Father’s Cleft Motto

In the 130-degree-heat morning after a particularly brutal night of bombing, the teachers of Our Father’s Cleft (OFC) invited me to their staff meeting. Because of the extra expenses brought on from the heavy bombardment of the last few months, I knew the leaders of OFC had gone through the cash we left them last time […]

18 Mar

Coffee, Oil of Olay, and Other Necessities of Life

Lual Atak, Romano, Eugenio, Ezekiel, and Dr. Allen left Nuba Mountains last Sunday, beginning their long journey home. They have spouses, young children, and ministries waiting on them. Originally, I was to go with this team who came in with me. However, as the days—and nights—wore on several things bore down upon me, calling me to […]

16 Mar

A Nighttime Rap on My Tent

There’s a fierce wind tonight. Clouds have come in, but it is not the season of rains. Instead this wind carries great veils of sand that furrow in the hairs of my body, between my toes, under my nails, and in the sockets of my eyes. Knowing the thin mesh would strain at least a […]

12 Mar

Bombs Bursting in Air…

The Night: 9:09 p.m.: gunfire. 9:25 p.m.: several rounds of rapid fire. I remain flat on my back, counting an infinite number of stars through the mesh of my tent while listening to Lual Atak, Romano, and Ezekiel tell their war stories to Eugenio not three feet away. I click on the indiglo nightlight of my […]

11 Mar

News From Nuba: Our Father’s Cleft

The governor has given us permission to use the internet briefly that we might get a message out from Nuba. Although it took us much longer to get here than we hoped, Lual Atak, Romano, Eugenio, Doc Allen and I all made it, and we are safe. The fact that we made it at all is […]

15 Oct

How a Boy Changed My Life by guest blogger Lowell Barto

By Guest Blogger Lowell Barto Make Way Partners was introduced to me in January, 2012 in a two-day Focus on the Family radio broadcast, during which Kimberly Smith shared the story of her journey. I had already taken an interest in the problem of human trafficking, and was looking for opportunities to become more involved. Passport […]

29 Jul

Serving in Warzones

God has been so very kind these last ten years, allowing us to participate in the rescue and healing of so many lives in [North] and South Sudan. With the recent international attention of the crises in both countries, Make Way Partners is being increasingly called upon to speak from an authoritative, boots-on-the-ground voice in […]

9 Jul

To the Field We Go by Guest Blogger Audrey Moore

By Guest Blogger Audrey Moore, Executive Assistant to MWP President Mine and Kimberly’s first day at Hope for South Sudan (HFSS) was nothing short of Olympic-proportions… a series of moments in time when your breath and your heart are caught up in one great “Wow”! After a full day of flying from New Life Ministry, […]