12 Sep

Cholera Falls Upon Us

Every good storyteller knows that all epic stories have three acts—Act I: Everything is great and you love the characters. Act II: Some crisis presents itself throwing everyone and everything off kilter. Act III: Resolution. Think “Lord of the Rings.” Act I: Frodo and all the hobbits lived in a veritable utopia. Act II: Bilbo […]

31 Aug

Fun with a Purpose

A growing number of people around the globe are learning that compassion connects us all, and when we’re connected we find the deepest joy in life and one another. Sure, sometimes living with compassion calls us to do some tough things, but when we come united for a common good we often find our creative […]

13 Jul

In the News: Make Way Partners Orphans

I receive daily calls and emails from so many of you from around the world who cry with me for the man-made catastrophic storm of South Sudan. The entire staff—and the thousands of women and children we serve—hold onto Hope, which comes through the spirit of your prayers and financial support to keep the work […]

30 Mar

Working for Change

Thank you 280Living for the interview just released this week.  Please share the link with your network so that more can learn the story and join us on the journey! And thank you for your many prayers and for your love and support during this time of injury.  Earlier this week I was released from the hospital […]

28 Feb

Hear Kimberly Smith Highland on Faith Radio!

Thanks to Bob Crittenden of Faith Radio for another great interview, covering the current political situations in Sudan and South Sudan and the miracle of Make Way Partners’ progress in the midst of the storm, including our recent graduation ceremony! Click here to listen to the interview. Love, your sister along the journey,

9 Feb

MWP in the Birmingham News

I have just made my way safely home from Sudan and South Sudan, broken collar bone in tow! I’m so thankful to Greg Garrison of the Birmingham News/AL.com for his 13 years of consistent reporting on the effective efforts of Make Way Partners in the most war-torn corners of our planet. Below is Greg’s newest […]

17 Jan

Good TV Full Interview Now Available!

I am the first to admit, my unique call is a full of wild oats, most that I’m not even sure I’d feed my ponies.  This beautifully done interview covers just about all of it from personal to marital to missional failure; and still there is GOD. The full interview from Good TV is now […]

11 Jan

Good TV

During my month long book and speaking tour in Taiwan last September, I had many tremendous and lifegiving opportunities to share the story of our children in Sudan & South Sudan.  When I first learned of the book tour from my publisher of the Chinese version of Passport through Darkness I was intrigued but skeptical that there would be […]

7 Oct

State-sanctioned rape camps in Sudan

The Blaze published my article, “How Sunday Disappeared”. The way our media works is that the more readers who show interest in a particular topic, the more writing (education + awareness = action) is accepted on that subject matter. So, even if you’ve read about Sunday already, please click here to read and show The Blaze, and other media outlets, […]

29 Jul

In the News: Grief and White Dogs of War

Thanks to the Blaze for publishing another op-ed and helping us get the word out about what is happening in South Sudan! Please follow the link and share with others: http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/south-sudan-grief-and-white-dogs-of-war/  Love, your sister along the journey,