1 Feb

Birth Announcement for Valentine’s Day

I’m asking my husband if we can have another child for Valentine’s Day! Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day will share February 14th this year, while Easter and April Fool’s Day will share April 1st, 2018. When I learned this odd twist in the calendar, it got me to thinking about how foolish it is to believe […]

18 Jan

Celebrating the Very Good News

April 2018 marks the 15th birthday of Make Way Partners. Sometimes, I still have to pinch myself to believe I’m awake and all this is real—especially our second high school graduation that took place last month, and sending our first graduates from last year off to university. Both of these graduating classes included children who 12 […]

15 Dec

Send a special MWP in honor of card before time runs out

This holiday season you can help combat human trafficking, restore dignity, and honor a friend or loved one at the same time. Make an ‘in honor of’ donation today to Make Way Partners in someone’s honor. For each donation $25 or more, we will mail a specially designed Christmas card to the person you’re honoring. We’ve designed a […]

11 Dec

Our Map of the World

At first glance of the below map, you might think, “I’ve seen this before.” And you’d be right; we have used a version of this map before—illustrating all the places where MWP works or has branches. THIS MAP of our WORLD, however, shows not only WHERE we work but also WHO’S equipping the work through prayer and finances—that’d be YOU! All the red markers represent home-sites for MWP; […]

5 Dec

Graduating High School – the New Norm

I trekked along a rutty path, having no idea where it led. Step-by-sweltering step, all I thought about was my aching feet, parched mouth, and empty stomach. But, none of those problems could be solved on the dusty airstrip where I’d been dropped, so off I set in search of answers. A clearing yawped open […]

13 Oct

MWP Frees 15-Year-Old Girl from Prison

As I sat on the long plane ride to Africa recently, the woman sitting next to me and I made small talk. The usual, “Where’d you start your journey? Where’s your final destination? Kids, grandkids, ponies…” When she asked me the “What do you do?” question, I paused for a blip; it’s always so hard […]

25 Sep

Double Your Money–Double Your Power to Save Lives!

Two weeks ago I wrote about unprecedented flooding in my Hovering Hope blog post, documenting mass loss of homes and lives in Sudan and South Sudan. Just a few days later, I wrote in Cholera Falls Upon Us, just as we feared, of the subsequent cholera outbreak that always follows devastating flooding when there is no […]

12 Sep

Cholera Falls Upon Us

Every good storyteller knows that all epic stories have three acts—Act I: Everything is great and you love the characters. Act II: Some crisis presents itself throwing everyone and everything off kilter. Act III: Resolution. Think “Lord of the Rings.” Act I: Frodo and all the hobbits lived in a veritable utopia. Act II: Bilbo […]

7 Sep

Hovering Hope

“In the beginning…the earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters” (Genesis 1:1-2, ESV). “I don’t know how to do this. I can’t do this. I don’t want to do this. It’s just too much.” […]

24 Feb

Death Be Not Proud–Not Even at the Taking of James

“As when one plows and breaks up the earth, so shall our bones be scattered at the mouth of Sheol.” Psalm 141:7 I have studied this word “Sheol” for years.  There is no definitive answer as to its original Hebrew meaning; it has been greatly mystified, and perhaps for good purpose. Biblical references range from “Jacob […]