22 Dec

The Eyes Have It

If our eyes could be washed by the tears of children, then perhaps we could see the Kingdom of God once again. In our adult minds we simply can’t help ourselves; we default to a mentality of “might makes right.” We encounter this egoic battle of self-will every day of our lives; it manifests from […]

23 Sep

Sudan Threatens to Execute Christians on Trial and Close the Border

“Al-Bashir, the first sitting head of state to be indicted by the International Criminal Court — there is an outstanding warrant for his arrest in connection to war crimes in Darfur — took power in a 1989 coup and has long taken a stance of ‘one language (Arabic), one religion (Islam).'” Al-Bashir now holds four […]

19 Apr

New TIME Op-Ed: Honor the Brave Work of Women in War Zones

On my last trip to Nuba, I met two amazing Australian women who live so big, bold, and beautiful that I told TIME about them. Today, TIME published my op-ed about Cathy and Nicole. … A few minutes later, as the second bomber plane circled, she said firmly: “Oh be damned. If it’s our time, it’s our […]

1 Apr

Forgotten Women of War

The worst fighting in more than a year is erupting in Nuba. I usually focus my gratitude on our indigenous leaders—who are definitely the brightest and the best, and who could easily find ways and means to get out of the warzone. Still, they stay and serve. It seems the world always opens its doors to […]

31 Mar

Bombing at Our Father’s Cleft

I’d been out of Nuba, Sudan for less than 24 hours when the bombing began, but it was three days before MWP indigenous director Ayoub could get a satellite phone call through to let me know. In this week’s Proper Chat, I gave a live update of my recent time on the ground in Nuba. Shortly […]

25 Mar

Proper Chat Tues, March 29: The Road to Nuba

I return late Monday night from my latest journey to MWP orphanage Our Father’s Cleft in Nuba Mountains, Sudan.  I am full of many stories to share about my time there with the orphans of a seemingly endless genocidal war and the interesting new people I met while there.  Join me this coming TUESDAY MARCH 29 for the next […]

23 Nov

Love Wins

As I write this letter, I’m pondering the lessons from a meeting I attended tonight; the topic was “Gratitude.” My reflections paint images in my mind of Kaka, one-legged Rabi, and our own little Commander Abdel-Aziz, all taking refuge at the MWP orphanage Our Father’s Cleft (OFC) in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. It’s been seven months […]

15 Jul

Floods that Save Lives

I have a friend who knows I don’t sleep very well, often only a couple of hours a night. This friend encourages me to take 15-20 minute naps during the day, but try as I may I never can. All that changed, at least for today, after I watched this nine-minute video from the New […]

23 Jun

A Rain of Bombs in the Nuba Mountains

In today’s media environment–which is fed by our society’s short-attention span–genuine atrocities often receive nothing more than a 140-character blip posted next to a picture of what our friends had for lunch. Most of us pay more attention to the el menu del dia than life and death crises such as the long-running genocide against the Sudanese. All the […]

29 May

Life Transforming Compassion

During my recent visit to the heart of the war in Nuba Mountains of Sudan, I visited Gidel hospital, the only fully operational hospital in our region serving soldiers, laboring mothers running from bombs, and amputee orphans (like our own little Rabi) side-by-side. Dr. Tom Catena, the founder and head of the hospital, and I […]