12 Sep

Cholera Falls Upon Us

Every good storyteller knows that all epic stories have three acts—Act I: Everything is great and you love the characters. Act II: Some crisis presents itself throwing everyone and everything off kilter. Act III: Resolution. Think “Lord of the Rings.” Act I: Frodo and all the hobbits lived in a veritable utopia. Act II: Bilbo […]

7 Sep

Hovering Hope

“In the beginning…the earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters” (Genesis 1:1-2, ESV). “I don’t know how to do this. I can’t do this. I don’t want to do this. It’s just too much.” […]

11 Jul

Children of the Caves

Many years ago, I sat crying in a thicket of lush green grass in the depths of a cavernous valley staring up at the daunting height of the Nuba Mountains, Sudan. I cried because I had prepared myself for every sort of depravity, but instead what I seemed to have fallen into was sheer beauty. Beauty […]

8 May

Twins Freed from Slavery Need a Home

Angel and Honor are 9-year-old orphan twins which Make Way Partners just rescued from slavery. Both of their parents died in the war and genocide of Nuba Mountains. The twins’ father was killed in combat. Afterwards, their mother tried her best to farm enough to keep them alive, but it was very difficult alone. Besides, […]

5 May

35 to Life

I once watched a movie where a plague had hit the world with infertility. The movie begins at a stage in time when no child had been born into the world for more than two decades. Havoc-run-amuck set the pace for the depravity of life lived with the knowledge that nothing you did—or did not […]

6 Apr

A 13 Year Old with a Story to Be Told

When I first began writing Passport through Darkness I remember listening to a publisher discourse on how he might market such a book. He said, “Certainly, we couldn’t class it as a memoir because you’re too young to write a marketable memoir.” My Appalachian father would have vehemently argued that case with him, as most of […]

27 Feb

Petr Jasek Set Free!

When I see this photo of Petr—taken while still in prison—I see a Free Man. I see a man of kindred spirit with the Apostle Paul—a man who surely experienced an ounce or two of suffering. It seems either of these men could have written the words Paul penned in Colossians 1, “Now I rejoice […]

9 Feb

MWP in the Birmingham News

I have just made my way safely home from Sudan and South Sudan, broken collar bone in tow! I’m so thankful to Greg Garrison of the Birmingham News/AL.com for his 13 years of consistent reporting on the effective efforts of Make Way Partners in the most war-torn corners of our planet. Below is Greg’s newest […]

1 Feb

Students Moving On and Life in Sudan Prison for our Partner

Bouncing about in a prop plane bobbing around the clouds like Bumble Bees buzzing from flower to flower with eight teenage-students whose excitement level metered near that of the Mad Hatter, I watched them with the awe of a mother hen as her babies broke free from their shell. Knowing these children’s feet had never […]

26 Jan

The Difference in a Year by Guest Blogger Audrey Moore

From Guest Blogger, Audrey Moore, Executive Assistant to Kimberly Smith Highland  As Kimberly and the team journeyed by Land Cruiser over mountain passes and bridgeless waterways from the Nuba Mountains toward South Sudan two bombs dropped from planes along their path. No one was injured and the team made safe passage out of Sudan to the abandoned refugee camp […]