27 Sep

Earth Shaking Moments

Greetings from Peru! Bethany, Audrey, and I are here visiting with Whitney and David, seeking God’s desire for their lives and ministry. Yesterday, we sat chatting in their seventh-floor apartment, and while I knew our conversation was intense, I was surprised to feel my chair rumbling and the room swaying. It took just a moment […]

11 Jul

A New Kind of Friend by Guest Blogger David Milton

From Guest Blogger David Milton, MWP International Trafficking Consultant in PeruHer picture went viral for all the world to do with as each one wanted in his own heart.  Living alone on the streets at 14, Tonya viewed herself about as important as the styrofoam cups strewn along it. That double whammy, her self view combined with […]

24 Apr

A Fiery Band of Brothers Ignite

Milton is packing his bag, eating breakfast, and finishing off emails all at the same time! You know that feeling when you’re about to embark on an exciting Gobo journey that’s been a long time a-coming, and there are so many little last minute details to prepare.         In just a few hours, Milton, Matt […]

23 Apr

Katherine Needs Your Prayers by Guest Blogger Whitney Milton

From Guest Blogger Whitney Milton, MWP International Trafficking Consultant in Peru“You hit her don’t you?” asked the 15-year-old girl. David looked at her with surprise, “No, I don’t hit my wife. Never.” A little 6-year-old joined the conversation, “ But… when you feel like it, and you’re angry… you hit her?” David looked at them blankly for […]

4 Apr

Missionaries Having Fun?

I know that many of the stories we post are painful or challenging ones. Currently, I am reading a book called Trauma and Grace, and it speaks well to the very foundation of Christianity being the Cross (trauma) and grace (Christ, and the resurrection) coexisting at all times in all of our stories. Most of […]