6 Sep

MWP Fall Newsletter is Here!

While you’re enjoying—or anticipating—the beautiful colors of autumn, please take time to fall into the latest Make Way Partners newsletter. So many great things are happening all at once it’s hard to keep up with them, so we’ve worked hard to highlight as many as possible all in one spot, including staff promotions, a beautiful […]

19 May

MWP Spring Newsletter in English AND Chinese!

Make Way Partners mission to go to the most vulnerable & least protected to end human trafficking & all forms of modern-day oppression. Our mission thrusts us straight into the heart of war, violence, corruption, and evil. Over the last fourteen years, we have learned that the cost of this is nothing less than everything. And […]

27 Feb

Petr Jasek Set Free!

When I see this photo of Petr—taken while still in prison—I see a Free Man. I see a man of kindred spirit with the Apostle Paul—a man who surely experienced an ounce or two of suffering. It seems either of these men could have written the words Paul penned in Colossians 1, “Now I rejoice […]

10 Feb

For My Valentine

The day we attribute to love, Valentine’s Day, all began with a priest during the Roman Empire who defied Emperor Claudius II. Claudius had declared single men would make better soldiers than those with wives and families; thus he outlawed marriage for all young men. Priest Valentine ignored the Emperor’s command and continued to perform […]

28 Dec

Behold! the Leopard

Deep into the quarter-mooned night sweat dripped from our bodies like a leaking faucet nagging at you to call the plumber first thing in the morning. Hyenas yammered in the distance, digging a hollow sense of suffering in the marrow of our hearts as the faces of the orphans outside the safety of our gates flashed […]

21 Dec

FIRST YEAR BOOK of South Sudan!

As I wrote yesterday, I have just returned from our most celebratory moment in the history of South Sudan history—the first graduation ceremony our region has ever known! In fact, more people attended our high school graduation than attended the recent national celebration of the world’s newest country in the capital, Juba. Click here to see the […]

5 Dec

An Easter Sort Of Christmas

The first stone flew straight at her face so hard and fast she had no time to turn away. As blood flowed from her eye, a different sort of stone rolled across her heart—sealing in the death of hope and securing a tomb of pain. When Ayoub called me, we quickly agreed that we’d have to medevac […]

30 Nov

Wind in the Twins

In Wind in the Willows, one of my all-time favorite adventure stories, Mole says to Rat, “This has been a wonderful day! Do you know I’ve never been in a boat before in all my life.” To which Rat cries open-mouthed, “What? Never been in a—you never—well I—what have you been doing, then?” When I […]

6 May

Proper Chat: Journey with Ayak

You’ve heard her moving story; now meet the passionate woman. Join us TUES MAY 10th to meet Ayak, as featured on the cover of TIME magazine, for MWP live and interactive Proper Chat.   We’ll be broadcasting live from our safe house in Uganda as Ayak shares her journey into wholeness and healing after MWP rescued her from South Sudan. […]

29 Jan

Passport through Darkness in CHINESE!

In 2012, one of our partners called me with her own far-fetched dream—to have Passport through Darkness printed in Chinese! Cindy Kuo is a child sponsor and felt a rising passion grow in her as her family grew in love for the children they sponsored in the war-zone of the Nuba Mountains.  She wanted to do more […]