Twins Freed from Slavery Need a Home

Angel and Honor are 9-year-old orphan twins which Make Way Partners just rescued from slavery. Both of their parents died in the war and genocide of Nuba Mountains. The twins’ father was killed in combat. Afterwards, their mother tried her best to farm enough to keep them alive, but it was very difficult alone. Besides, the bombing often destroyed what crops she spent her long days tending before they could ever be harvested. The three of them, mother and twins, were slowly starving to death. Then in 2015 a bomb hit their thatched house; Angel and Honor’s mother went “insane”, and died soon after from unknown causes.

A distant relative captured the twins after their mother died and forced them into slavery as unpaid and untended goat keepers. They lived in the bush like wild animals with the goats and were left alone for months, only able to graze like the goats—scrubbing up whatever food they could forage.

When we found them they were naked, parasite-infested, and extremely malnourished. Their general health is quite poor, but we know—in time—and with your support we can fix that through the love and care they can receive at Our Father’s Cleft, our Nuba orphanage.

All they had was each other—until today, I hope they find YOU!  Please go to our child sponsorship page to sponsor Angel and/or Honor to ensure their place and full support at OFC.

Love, your sister along the freedom journey,

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