War Closes Access to Hope for South Sudan Orphanage

Earlier this week, MWP Sr. Field Coordinator Eugenio Kirima flew to Hope for South Sudan to pick up Moses and Lokolong. Both boys display symptoms of infection – one with his ear and one with his eye. Recently we brought another young boy, Simplicio, to our Safe House in Kenya, who needed specialized treatment for a very similar eye infection. Sadly, Simplicio lost eye; both his eye and his heart are being well tended by his loving caregivers as he heals and waits to be fitted with a glass eye. We are hoping to get Moses and Lokolong to a hospital in Kenya in time to provide the care they need to save their eye and ear. Both Lokolong and Simplicio came to Hope for South Sudan in poor health, including eye infections so we do not know at this point we are unclear as to the source of their infections. Most of the orphans come to us in serious need of medical treatment when they first arrive. Medical care in South Sudan is so scant and neglectful that life is indeed fragile, making the urgency of our Faith Hope and Love medical network expansion all the more critical to provide life-saving care for these precious ones.

The plane we chartered was to pick up Eugenio and both boys this morning. However, yesterday a major eruption in the ongoing civil war of South Sudan broke out all around Hope for South Sudan, MWP orphanage in Eastern Equatoria. Access to our Hope for South Sudan orphanage and school are completely cut off as both SPLM (government forces) and the SPLM-IO (In Opposition forces) are in heavy warfare just outside our gates.

Early this morning, the military helped Eugenio get the boys to Torit, the nearest town which the government seems to have safe control over. However, more complications set in and the charter was not able to land. Now, Eugenio and the young boys with serious infections are stranded in Torit with little money on hand and no health care.

Please keep Eugenio, Moses, and Lokolong in your prayers—even as you hold our other three hundred orphans and nearly 100 staff at HFSS in your prayers. While none of our orphans or employees have been physically injured, of course they are suffering much fear and trauma.

Simplicio has the joy and support of having a sponsor, however Moses and Lokolong are still waiting.  Moses and Lokolong have no sponsor to support and encourage them. Please click on their names to read more about them and become “family” to an unadoptable orphan today. Important Note: they love to get family pictures from you to know who is praying for them by name each day!  

I’ll keep you informed as more news comes in. In the meantime, this National Geographic article published earlier this week is very helpful in understanding the situation: Massacre Survivors Cling to Life in Giant Swamp

Love, your sister along the journey,

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