You’ll Be In My Heart

Unfortunately, not every child has a dad who sits and sings with her, reads with her, or even tucks her safely in bed at night.

For children like the unadoptable orphans of Make Way Partners, few will ever even meet or know their fathers. What they DO KNOW is that YOU pray for them, and so many of them repeatedly tell us that “Just knowing we have found FAMILY make our hearts feel sweet like honey!”  They’re learning what family means through the love, letters, and prayers of our MWP sponsors.

This video-song beautifully expresses the heart of our orphans every time they get a personal letter and picture from someone who keeps them in their heart!

This Thanksgiving, let’s take the time to send extra love, letters, and prayer that every child might know they have a special place in someone’s heart!  

Love, your heart-keeping sister along the journey,

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